Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diwali 2009: Movie releases

Diwali 2009: All The Best - Movie releases
The movies that got released on Friday 16-Oct-2009 (Saturday 17-Oct-2009 was Diwali) were:
  • All The Best
  • Blue
  • Main Aur Mrs Khanna
Of these, All The Best successfully won the hearts of people while Blue and Main Aur Mrs Khanna failed for there reasons. The comedy movie All The Best stars Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Fardeen Khan, Johnny Lever, Mugdha Godse & Sanjay Dutt and it was really recepted very well by the fans. Blue had everything together with Lara Dutta and people must have got bored with seeing Salman Khan again for his movie Wanted released recently. The people whose name start with L are unconsidered to be unlucky in Bollywood (remember Lisa Ray & Lucky Ali) than their other counterparts.

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